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You receive more than just an ad, it is a campaign! 

We offer a review of your restaurant, spa, resort, product or service published in Discover the Ultimate and another publication, a half hour radio program, promotion, publicity, podcasts for the month, RSS Feeds,
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Now you can experience the "real" INSIDE Las Vegas with us as we meet the stars backstage to tape interviews in their dressing rooms, cook with the top chefs in their kitchens, learn the latest treatments in the spas, fitness centers, and health. 

These articles are not like any other publication, they are written as "in- depth" stories where you join us in the experience. 

Our 4 website magazines are interactive, just ask questions, make comments, and watch for announcements about FREE ENTERTAINMENT AND SPECIALS.

You have a choice of a free subscription to all OR any 1 of the 4 magazines- Discover the Ultimate Dining, Discover the Ultimate Entertainment, Discover the Ultimate (Travel), and Discover the Ultimate Health/ Spas/ Medicine/ Fitness/ Lifestyles.

Each day is different as Award Winning Talk Show Host, Entertainment & Restaurant Reviewer, Syndicated Features Journalist, Travel Writer, and Photographer Sandy Zimmerman covers Las Vegas as well as the world. 

 This is a Directory of the BEST IN LAS VEGAS for Dining, Entertainment, Travel, Health, Spas, Medicine, Fitness, and Lifestyles.
You will not miss Openings, Events or Specials ANY TIME the public is invited we will let you know. 

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